[four paths]

four paths cover front (Texture Press)

[four paths], Texture Press, 2012.

Praise for [four paths]:

“Rose Hunter’s [four paths] concerns itself as much with the sights of its poems as it does with the sounds of these fractured articulations. The reader may recognize an ending in the trail of intimate intonations, but exotic possibility is brought sublimely to the fore – to the Mexican fringe where the unexpected and the unprecedented await. Hunter’s path weaves precariously, yet dazzles in its emotional and physical presence and allures in even the lushest of sensory environments.”
—Erin McKnight, publisher, Queen’s Ferry Press.

“Rose Hunter creates energizing convergences of form and language and then she pulls them apart again, the white space admitting space for changing directions, perception, and hearts. Her words take shape as breath, imagination, and life.”
—Susan Smith Nash, author of The Adventures of Tinguely Querer (Texture Press).

“When exploring the structures and contours of relationships, Hunter allows poetic form to tell us much (if not most) about her understanding of what we’re up against when trying to build human connections. And she commands the reader’s attention in her approach. What’s more, for a poetic consciousness as sensitive and as committed and, at times, as neurotic as Hunter’s, in addition to addressing categorical obstacles (culture, language, gender, & etc.), she sits with the more unexpected and perhaps subtler degrees of difference — varying tastes for hot sauce, for example! — each of which, as Hunter demonstrates, has the potential to suggest additional chasms of difference that our efforts for connection must cross. And yet.”
—Geffrey Davis, Toe Good Poetry.

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