Other Links to My Writing

Recent (and recent-ish) print-only journals, or purchasable e-journals I appear in (poetry):

“you are here, welcome” in EVENT, 46/3, 2018
“reindeer polish” & “topographies” in Southerly, 77.1, “Questionable Characters” 2017
“watermelons” in Westerly, 62.1 2017
“puffins” in The Malahat Review, no 198 Spring 2017
“snow” in Australian Poetry Journal 6.2 2016
“elbows” in Southerly 76.1, “Words and Music” 2016
“bondojito” in the Los Angeles Review no. 10, April 2016
“glue” in Tincture issue 13, Feb 2016
“gate” in Australian Poetry Journal, 4.1, July 2014

Poems you can read online:
(In order of most to least recent, more or less.)

“a story” in foam:e & “turkey vulture quiz” in foam:e
“turkey vulture quiz” & “flamingo quiz,” in Entropy
medusozoa” in Southerly
“gaps” in Cordite
“glass,” “compostela,” & “bajío” in Bareknuckle Poet
“el edén” in Mascara
“balloons” in Verity La
the new york times,” “During the wave’s lifetime,” & “window washer” in foam:e
“tracks” in Cordite
“feline” in Sundog Lit
“dust” in Extract(s)
“fifteen facades” in Cordite
“the leopard book” in New World Writing
“fish & feathers” in Bluestem
“[eye]” in Toe Good Poetry
“[ostrich]” in Her Royal Majesty p. 77
“You As White Rabbit,” “You As Francis Bacon, Figure With Meat,” & “You As Tunnel” in The Scrambler
“You As Bottle,” “You As Slots-A-Fun,” & “You As Puppy Killer” in  > kill author
“You As Teeth” in DIAGRAM

“You As Intersection” & “You As Invasive Exotic” in > kill author
Various “You As” poems, in PANK
“Roller Door Devotional” in BluePrintReview
“Magenta & Peridot” in Referential
“The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living Or, How I Recall You, Absent, With Two Red and White Things, Memento Mori” in PANK
Café de Olla” and  “During the wave’s lifetime” in elimae
“In the Museum” in The Nervous Breakdown
“Walking into the Wynn, Las Vegas, and You Are Stitched Into” in Referential
“To the River” in Juked
“Even” in Leaf Press
“A Picture” BluePrintReview
“He is no Pinkerton” in Juked

(Some of these go back quite a few years.)

“The Parrot Man” in New World Writing
“Glitter” in Hippocampus
“Buenos Aires” in Hippocampus
“Big Red” in Geist
“Animal Planet” in Geist
“Hot or Cold” in Taddle Creek

“Another Night at the Circus” in The Barcelona Review
“New Year’s Day” in Storyglossia

This is me too: Another Night at the Circus (self-published book).
Self-publishing is one of the mistakes I made before I knew better. But there it is.
The two stories above became the first and last stories of this book. 


“valentine’s day” in The Potomac

Anthologies I Appear In:

“Glitter” in Shale: Extreme Fiction For Extreme Conditions (Texture Press, 2015). (fiction)
“Vulcanology” in Two Weeks: A Digital Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (Linebreak, 2011).
Various poems in The Enpipe Line: 70,000 km of poetry written in resistance to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal (Creekstone Press, 2012).


“LifeEdge” (video) with Susan Smith Nash and Rick Zanotti. 2018


“Ask the Author” PANK
“Escaping the Writer’s Closed Loop: An Interview” Moving Poems Forum
“Three Questions” Extract(s)
“How I Write First Drafts” Poems for the Writing
“The TNB Self Interview” The Nervous Breakdown

Reviews I wrote:

Review of Poems of Mijail Lamas, Mario Bojórquez & Alí Calderón, translated by Mario Licón Cabrera in Mascara
Review of Ivy Alvarez, Hollywood Starlet in Mascara