to the river


to the river, Artistically Declined Press, 2010.
* out of print.

Praise for to the river:

“The poems in Rose Hunter’s debut collection read like a travelogue in verse. Each line is an adventure in a new locale, each poem a revelation that sticks with you as each new poem begins.”
—Publisher blurb.

“A stunning collection, to the river is more than one woman’s journey through life: it’s a series of quests, each presenting its own challenges, and the question is: Will she survive the next? Read these poems and find out.”
—Molly Gaudry, author We Take Me Apart (Mud Lucious Press/Ampersand Books).

“Hunter’s skills are evident from the very first line and continue through to the last page. Her poems represent a map for the landscape of our everyday actions.”
—Patrick Trotti, JMWW.

“Rose Hunter’s bristling travelogue is a delight. Her poems are dynamic, authentic vignettes that contain elements of cinema, still photography and stage. Her selection of vivid detail is unerring, her ear for dialogue impeccable – in just a few deft strokes she creates a vivid, concrete urban world (these are definitely urban tales) anywhere in the world – anywhere: Sydney, Acapulco, Vienna, San Francisco or one of a dozen other cities.”
—Nic Sebastian, Untitled Country.

“With simple language, Hunter explores misconceived perceptions within personal relationships brought forth by the boundaries and guises we create for ourselves, our feelings. … Presenting insights that challenge without a heavy, preachy hand is what good poetry is supposed to do, and this collection does exactly that. It’s a kinetic observation of human ugliness and beauty, of being caught somewhere in the middle, kicking, longing, sometimes bleeding. To the River is a journey well worth the price of admission, and you don’t even need to leave the warmth and comfort of your blankets to begin.”
—Mel Bosworth, author of Freight (Folded Word Press), and Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom (KUBOA Press).

And Ben Tanzer’s lovely-and-impossible-to-pull-out-a-quote-from, review/response piece.

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